Frankenstein-ish Fibro Flare

Frankenstein-ish Fibro Flare

Fibro FlareYou may not need a scary costume for Halloween this fall.

Your Fibro Flare may deck you out with a very scary look. Showering is out of the question; what little energy you have; would go right down the drain. You have bed head and two black eyes.  Crumpled pajamas and a wobbly walk complete the look.

This is even scarier as an experience.  You wake up in pain and every inch of your body aches.  Your joints abruptly clap open and shut.  You only drag yourself out of bed to get food.

The fall is known for scary Halloween costumes and Fibro Flare Ups.

Cool, damp weather and shorter days are a common triggers for debilitating body pain and exhaustion.

Tips to Deal with Fibro Flare Ups

Call Your Energy Medicine Practitioner for an ER session to calm your nervous and hormonal systems.  Energy work can often, quickly help your body and mind to calm into a peaceful state and support a speedy recovery.

Eat well.  Get protein and Avoid Sugar.  Protein, every couple of hours will give you strength.  Quick and easy sources of protein include…  Hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, soaked and sprouted almonds, a steak on the broiler, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, protein powder shakes, yogurt or kefir with stevia to sweeten in place of sugar.  Sugar causes inflammation and you guessed it, P-A-I-N.  Avoid sugar no matter what! 141 ways sugar will ruin your health.

Drink Water.  When the heat comes on in the fall it is easy to get dehydrated.  In the midst of a fibro flare up; get the water your body is craving.  Here is a link to a water calculator to help you figure out how much water you need.

Take Your Supplements.  A fibro flare is a signal to me that I need to increase my doses of basic supplemental building blocks for a week or so.  Here is Part 1 of a 3 on What Vitamins Should I Take for Fibro.

Reduce Stress.  Stress is a huge fibro flare trigger.  Mom telling you what to do… again.  Unexpected bills.  A fight with a friend.  Loss of family member or pet.  Or old stresses and painful emotions replaying in your head.  Energy Work is my favorite way to reduce stress quickly.  Energy work melts stress away.  Poof.. and it’s usually gone!     

Support Your Immune System  Many times I am feeling really yucky and think it’s a Fibro Flare Up… Then, I remember to muscle test (aka kinesiology) myself and realize my body is fighting off a virus, bacteria, candida or other pathogen.  If you know what you are dealing with, then you can take action.  A bit of energy work and a well chosen supplement can help your immune system do it’s job.  Remember to eliminate the dead buggers after the war inside your body against the pathogen with fiber and water so you can feel better, faster.

Protect Yourself.  Often those with Fibro are super sensitive to weather, food, light, sounds, and other people’s energy…  Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) protectors are very helpful in preventing fibro flare ups. For more information see the Fibro Resources Page.

Rest As Needed  Now that you have taken the above steps.  Rest, is the most obvious and needed tip you can follow.  Rest = self-healing.

If you need support in getting through your Fibro Flare Apply for A Complimentary Energy Breakthrough or schedule an appointment.

I would love to hear what has helped you through Fibro Flare Ups in the blog below.

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